I’m a self-proclaimed social introvert. Does that make any sense? Wherever I am, I’m present – though it may not be apparent to the casual observer. Despite my lack of conversation, I am there – I’m listening, I’m watching, and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

This is perhaps why I chose this profession. Because, as a photographer – I am ‘there’ with my subject, in a way that is unobtrusive, however very much interacting with you. The images I strive to create are that of your story – through my eyes, but nonetheless it belongs to you. Every smile, every laugh, and in the quiet moments between – you are the story I want to tell.

I find that photography is not simply a visual art form – at least in the world of portraiture – it is a social and conversational art form by way that I imagine myself creating a visual story of whatever it is I’m photographing.

Portraits are my specialty.

There’s something inherently unique and special about people. I think we all know that, deep down, that we are – indeed – unlike every other creature on this beautiful planet. We are important, and the story we have to tell is worth telling.

Photographs, in my opinion, are one unique way to tell that story. They stand the test of time, and both give us a look into our futures (tell me you haven’t seen images of your parents, and were amazed at how much you look like them now?)  – and they are a important part of our past. Time, friends, continues on and we often look back and ask “where did the time go?”. So, we take pictures. We use our cameras (and in this day, our smart phones) to stop a moment in precious time that we find important to remember and pass on.

And that is the reason I photograph. The reason behind my work, is simple – it’s YOU. I hope to tell your story, to halt a memory and a time – but for a second – in order for you to have the opportunity to look back and look forward. I hope you will allow me the honor of taking your portrait, of telling your story.



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