When I get it into my head that I must work on my craft. I begin brainstorming ideas upon ideas of the aspects of photography that I need to learn more about. This shoot was all about learning the ins and outs of ‘low-key’ lighting. Assisted on hair/makeup by my dear friend and amazing artist, Peal Espinoza, we took it upon ourselves to create something special. Lauren, with Wilhelmina Models in Los Angeles, was our muse – and led by a sultry soundtrack courtesy of ‘The Civil Wars’ this was what we created.

Lauren02 Lauren01 Lauren01


When FORD Models emailed me and told me they wanted to work with me, I had to take a breath. It has been a goal of mine for a while to form a creative collaboration with local modeling agencies. And while I have worked with other agencies through individual shoots – it was FORD Models that I had been longing to form a partnership with. So, when they told me they wanted to send me models for some shoots, I was more than ecstatic.

This beautiful young woman is Bianca. Just 16, she is one of the most professional models I have worked with. Her look is classic and she is utterly a joy to shoot. She’s young and vivacious, but so poised and well rounded.


Thank you FORD for allowing me to have Bianca in front of my lens.

Bianca02 Bianca04 Bianca05 Bianca06 Bianca09 Bianca08

Food. Food. Food.

Aside from beauty and portrait photography, I’m quite obsessed with taking images of food! Here’s a few examples of food editorials and advertisements that I have done in the past.

VLS_SuperstitionCoffeeCo064 VLS_Food_TheLivingRoom034 VLS_Food_TheLivingRoom023 VLS_Food_TheLivingRoom012 VLS_FREEZEedited006 VLS_dessert_BarrelHouse017 VLS_CANTINALAREDOnew022


So – if you know me at all, you would know my impatience is something I desperately need to work on. So, with that said – I can but only share a couple glimpses into my shoot with this beautiful girl. I processed them in black + white for my portfolio (the client’s images are in full-color) because the stark background and the contrast of Antonia’s features and styling screamed black and white to me. While I absolutely love going on location to shoot – there’s something so simple and challenging about nothing but a blank wall and a studio. blackandwhite01 blackandwhite02


I woke her up an hour before the sunrise. She emerged…begrudgingly, but nonetheless ready for me to photograph her as the sun rose over the dessert. It’s official…I am enamored by the light that floods in at the breaking of the dawn. It’s intoxicating and incredibly delicious – yes, I described the sunrise as if it were a delicacy – because, to be honest – it is. SBG_7839 SBG_8086 SBG_8229 SBG_8273


this beautiful girl is Hannah. I have had the opportunity to have her in front of my lens a couple times now, and she never disappoints. She’s quirky, funny, and a darn good model. While we photographed her for an editorial spread, I threw in a few more “creative” photos of her because…well, I could. hannahbw SBG_5487 SBG_5822

matt + vanessa

A had the opportunity to photograph a very intimate backyard ceremony of two lovely friends and clients. The bride even wore her mother’s gown from the 70’s. It was a breath of fresh air to pause and photograph something so personal and intimate. I was honored. Thank you matt & vanessa. SBG_8894SBG_8981newSBG_9721


I finally had the chance to start afresh, and I’m happy to say that I’m excited to finally start showing you what I love. Simplisticly and with as little words as possible.